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Laser Shot’s training systems are centered around marksmanship and the use-of-force continuum. To that end, a line of realistic non-lethal simulated weapons is available for officers to train on every step of de-escalation to ensure that threats in the virtual environment are met with the correct tier of force.


Tasers: When the trigger of the simulated X2/X26p trigger is pressed during JTS (Judgmental Training Softwarescenarios, the suspect in the simulation will react as though a taser has been deployed. This shot is then recorded in the software for AAR purposes.


IR Flashlight: The IR Flashlight Trainer is an infrared laser based training device that upon activation triggers illumination of the screen in low light scenarios.


SIM Baton: Constructed from a standard ASP model baton, a kinetic switch is activated when swung by an officer that elicits a corresponding response from suspects in JTS scenarios.


OC Spray: Designed to match the dimensions of standard-issued OC Spray devices, when the trigger is pressed, characters in select HD scenarios will react as if OC Spray has been deployed.


Counting Magazines: Laser Shot has developed simulated magazines capable of adjustable round counts. When the number of shots fired equals the round count setting, a follower is actuated to lock the bolt or slide to the rear, replicating the physical characteristics of an empty weapon.

Officers must physically eject the magazine and press down on the actuator to reset/reload and re-insert in to the magazine well to resume firing. Each magazine replicates the weight and feel of a real magazine and feature true-to-life dimensions for seamless carrying in tactical gear or duty belts for reload drills.


C/CAT (Cover/Concealment Angle Trainer): Laser Shot’s C/CAT is a portable, modular barrier system that enables shooters to utilize cover and concealment, enhancing simulated and force-on-force training scenarios.

Barricades measure 4’x6’ and are built with modularity in mind. A C/CAT can be configured to replicate obstacles found in the field, such as doorways, hallways, corners, and other architectural layouts. Barriers also incorporate 2’x2’ removable panels to create apertures and windows. Each C/CAT system is comprised of two barricades which can be set up and torn down in minutes. The entire system packs easily into a single case measuring 13’x39’ and weighs only 46 lbs.


Dot-40 Barricade: Designed and manufactured in compliance with U.S. Army TC 3-20.40 “Dot-40” individual weapon training strategies, this core system accessory exemplifies Laser Shot’s iconic ease-of-use and portability with a convenient folding design - collapsing from 4’x6’ down to 2’x3’ for transport or storage. Applicable to far more than qualification drills, these barricades can be arranged in the training area to simulate obstacles, doorways, hallways, corners, and windows, greatly enhancing the realism and quality of use-of-force scenarios and tactical drills.


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